Incentives on the Ground

Retailers are finding that nutrition incentives and produce prescriptions are a huge benefit not only to their customers, but to their stores. Check out the videos below to learn more about Incentives in Action in grocery store locations across the U.S.!

3 Guys from Brooklyn

We’ve seen this steady, almost unbelievable increase in the amount of produce being sold.” -Phil Penta

Phil Penta and Carlos Pineda of 3 Guys from Brooklyn speak about their experience running a nutrition incentive program “Get the Good Stuff” at their store in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Arteaga’s Food Center

“I would recommend the program to other retailers for the simple fact that you are giving back to your community, your EBT customers, which tend to be low income customers. So you’re helping them survive a little bit easier” -Alfredo Lopez

Alfredo Lopez of Arteaga’s Food Center (10 retail locations in California) speaks about the benefits of offering nutrition incentives to their customers.

Tom Charley and Matt Harmon of Shop ‘n Save and Emily Schmidlapp of The Food Trust speak about the nutrition incentive program implemented at the Greensburg, PA Shop n’ Save location.